Robert De Niro On Donald Trump Win: 'I Feel Like I Did After 9/11'

Robert De Niro is taking a hard stance on Donald Trump. He is making it very, very clear that he does not like the new president elect.


In a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter, De Niro took a hard stance on Trump's victory:

I feel like I did after 9/11. We'll just see what happens. There will be many, many, many, many, many people watching.

De Niro has a long history of disliking Trump. In 2011, he compared Trump to a car salesman with "a big hustle," and in August he described Trump as "totally nuts" and unfit to lead America.

An outtake came out last month from a celebrity endorsement video showing De Niro going off on Trump, calling him "blatantly stupid," "a punk," "a dog," "a pig," "a con," and "a bulls‑‑‑ artist," among other things. He also said he'd "like to punch [Trump] in the face."

De Niro also didn't hold back on a Jimmy Kimmel appearance about the billionaire:

I can't do that now — he's the president. And I have to respect that position, even though we all know what he, anyway. We have to see what he's gonna do, and how he's really gonna follow through on certain things. As we even see now, in a lot of cities, a lot of people are getting very upset and protesting.

Do you agree with De Niro's views?

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