Jimmy Kimmel Answers What Sharks Do During Shark Week

In light of 'Shark Week' beginning this week on the Discovery channel, Jimmy Kimmel pondered the question, 'what would sharks watch during shark week?' On Jimmy Kimmel Live, the late night talk show host made a hilarious video postulating that sharks might be watching "Meat Week" while humans are glued to their televisions tuned in to the Discovery Channel watching 'Shark Week.'

Jimmy Kimmel began the segment by joking, "[Shark Week] started in 1987 back when sharks were wearing 'Members Only' jackets and carrying those cell phones the size of bricks, and probably the saddest thing about Shark Week is...sharks don't even know it's happening." He then continued stating, "Most people don't realize, sharks actually have a whole week of shows dedicated to us too."

The segment then transitioned into a fake TV preview of the show that sharks would be watching if they had cable. The voice over on the humorous fake trailer stated, "All new, an entire week dedicated to soft, tender, slow-moving, completely helpless, mouth-watering meat." Brief clips of ocean-goers wading through the water then came across the screen in a preview of what would presumably be a tempting television show for sharks to watch.

The audience roared with laughter as Jimmy Kimmel finally answered the burning question we've all had of what do sharks do during 'Shark Week.'

The real 'Shark Week' that airs on the Discovery channel includes shows such: Deadliest Sharks, Sharks Vs. Dolpins: Face-Off, Shark After Dark, Nuclear Shark, Wrath of a Great White Serial Killer, and many more.

To learn more about 'Shark Week' head over to the Discovery channel website, the Shark Week Facebook page, or tune into the Discovery channel all week.