How Sons Of Anarchy's Final Season Will Influence Mayans MC

Fans of Sons Of Anarchy are anxiously awaiting any news on the spin-off series, Mayans MC. Since FX announced the order of a pilot from Kurt Sutter and Elgin James, the creative team has been fairly quiet about the project.

What has been revealed however, is that the series will take place after the events of SOA. Mayans will follow EZ Reyes, a prospect in the Mayans charter along the Mexico/California border. The evens of EZ's story are also confirmed to take place in a "post Jax Teller world."

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So, if Jax Teller has already come and gone, his story should have a major influence over the events of the new series. The decisions of Jax over the final season of Sons Of Anarchy will determine parts of EZ's journey throughout his new series.

First of all, Jax's choices will have a long-lasting impact on how the Mayans deal with SOA charters. The Sons have clubs all over West Coast, so it's almost a guarantee that this new Mayans chapter will have run-ins with the fan-favorite club.

Traditionally, the Mayans and Sons have had a bickering type of relationship. They've done some work together in the past, but the clubs often found themselves across from the other's loaded guns. In the final season of Sons Of Anarchy, Jax altered this dynamic.

In one of his final acts as President, Jax mended the difficult relationship between the Sons and Mayans. While he may have burned bridges with various organizations, Jax made sure the Mayans would remain in good standing with his club. His relationship with Marcus Alvarez likely sent waves to the chapters of both clubs, up and down the coast of California.

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With this in mind, EZ will rise through the Mayan ranks with the understanding that Sons are allies - not enemies. This is a different set of thinking than many of the Mayan officials have grown up understanding, so it's likely that the conflicting ideologies will clash in the club house.

These choices from Jax gave a new ally to EZ in his search for himself, but it also added enemies. Race relations between Hispanic and African-American clubs were never in a good place in the original series, but Jax's actions have left them even worse.

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After slaying August Marks on the steps of the courthouse, Jax made the Sons Of Anarchy an open enemy to his corporation. Now that the Sons of aligned themselves with the Mayans, they've become a target to Marks' former empire as well.


When Mayans MC begins, fans will see a much different landscape in the world of motorcycle clubs. Whether or not the shift is a positive one - that remains to be seen.

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