Dog Goes Bananas Over Owner Dressing Up As Gumby For Halloween

Humans aren't the only ones that can enjoy Halloween.

Jolene the Golden Retriever has one toy she loves more than any other: Gumby. And her person Ben Mesches decided to dress up as a life-size version of the claymation character to see what Jolene's reaction would be.

When Mesches entered the room donning the fluffy, green costume, Jolene paused from chewing on her miniature Gumby and cautiously approached the giant one. Suddenly, she throws caution to the wind and jumps up Mesches, licking him and wagging excitedly.

Jolene and Mesches tumble to the floor as more hilarity ensues.

For Jolene, this must have been the best Halloween costume ever.


[ H/T Daily Mail ]