The CW Is Developing A 'Lost Boys' TV Series Based Off The Movie

(Photo: Twitter, Warner Bros.)

The CW is getting ready to make another addition to its vampire lane. The network will be revamping The Lost Boys based off of the cult classic film by Joel Schumacher.

According to Deadline, the TV series will be helmed by iZombie and Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas. The series will also be written by Thomas and spread out across seven seasons.

The show will navigate its leads in different decades, each season representing one decade. The series will start out in San Francisco in 1967 during the summer of love. We will see the main characters make it through each decade, never aging while everyone else around them grows up.

Gulfstream decided to bring the property to the TV medium with a deal they had with WBTV. Thomas then came on-board, as he was already under an overall deal with WBTV.

Although the TV series will differ from the original movie (based on two Arizona brothers who end up moving to California), we are excited to see this kind of layout that tracks various time periods and characters developing within the constructs of those time periods.



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