Apple Will Obsolete iPhone 4 And Late 2010 MacBook Air

Starting on October 31, Apple will be making several new additions to the obsolete products list.

Apple products that are placed on the obsolete list are no longer eligible for hardware service, beyond a few exceptions, according to MacBook Rumors.


The products that are going on the obsolete list include all iPhone 4 models, the late 2010 13-inch MacBook Air, third-generation AirPort extreme, and the mid 2009 AirPort Time Capsulte.

In Apple terms, vintage products are the ones that have not been manufactured in more than five years but less than seven years ago. Meanwhile, the products that are considered obsolete are those that were discontinued over seven years ago.

All of the products that are going to be added to the list on Halloween of this year were released between 2009 and 2010.

The changes were first discovered by Japanese company, Macotakara. While the report specifically pertained to the vintage and obsolete Apple products in Japan, it is likely that the additions will be upheld in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the rest of the Europe and Asia-Pacific regions.

The news has not officially been confirmed by Apple, but it would be in line with how the company has operated in the past.

The only exceptions are for the people that live in California and Turkey. If you live in either of those places you still have two years of support for these products because manufacturers are legally required to keep supporting products for seven years.

For everyone else, better start saving up for some new Apple products. Or just be extremely careful with your phones and laptops!

Which of these Apple products do you still have that are be placed on the obsolete list?


[H/T MacBook Rumors]