24: Legacy Producer Explains Why The Show Is Coming At Just The Right Time

After Super Bowl LI airs on FOX next month, the world will again have the chance to dive into the 24 Universe. The Kiefer Sutherland-starring show ran for nine seasons on the network, and the property is getting a reboot in the form of 24: Legacy.

Starring Corey Hawkins (The Walking Dead, Straight Outta Compton), Legacy follows the Counter Terrorist Unit as they try to shut down a new terror cell hiding out in the US. While the investigation gets under way, a squad of former military veterans - led by Hawkins - must try and keep delicate information away from the infamous Bin-Khalid.

(Photo: FOX)

The original 24 premiered around the same time as 9/11, causing an incredible amount of fans to tune in. Seeing a hero like Jack Bauer fight off terrorists was exactly what people needed during that time of distress.

With Legacy, viewers should be expecting another round of extremely relevant television.

Brian Grazer, a producer of the series, explains that the new show is coming at just the right time for many Americans. With many different people around the country facing struggles, Legacy aims to help shine a light and give them a voice.

When speaking with Deadline about the show, Grazer had this to say regarding its timing:

"I think middle America will watch the show and they will feel a sense of escape and relief by watching it."

The pilot episode of 24: Legacy definitely hits on some of the more serious issues of the country. PTSD, race relations, veteran care, and residual sterotypes are all explored in the first hour of the new series.


These producers definitely didn't want to shy away from the hard-hitting topics in our nation today - and that's a great thing for modern television.

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