Watch Keith Urban and Pink's Music Video for 'One Too Many'

Keith Urban and Pink released their duet "One Too Many" last week, along with the song's music video, which arrived one day after the pair performed the song at the ACM Awards. The clip for the duo's version of a drinking song is set at the beach, with Urban living out the song's first line of "I don't remember much about last night / Woke up on a couch sunrise / Saw the living room through these bloodshot eyes of mine, cold sober" when he wakes up on a leather couch floating in the water.

As the song continues, Urban plays guitar on the couch while Pink stands on the shore, shots of the singers interspersed with various people sitting on furniture in the water. The location is an appropriate one for the track, the ocean's dazzling beauty echoing the buoyant melody while the vast empty beach reflects the song's lyrics, which discuss drinking alone while reflecting on a current relationship.

"It's what I call a reluctant surrender," Urban told Zane Lowe on Apple Music of the song's subject. "You know. You're at the end of the night, it's been a long night. You're at the bar. You swear to God you're not going to answer that phone. You're not going to make that call. Eventually, you're like, 'Come take me home. I've had one too many.' I know that place really well. This is a song that was written by some couple of good friends of mine and they sent it to me. I wrote a lot of songs on this record, but when I got sent this song, I just went, "Oh, no brainer." It just spoke to me right away."

"One Too Many" appears on Urban's new album The Speed of Now Part 1, which was released on Friday. Urban told Lowe that after "getting this [song] sounding good and feeling good," he "had to find a good duet partner" and has "always loved" Pink's voice.


"She's one of the greats and I don't mean that just throwaway," he said. "I mean, literally, she's a singer's singer. I can't imagine any singer disagreeing with that. She's the real deal and she's a great storyteller, and I think that's what sets her apart from so many other people that have got good voices. She's an incredible storyteller. You can feel all of her humanity when she sings, so she was just perfect for this. Everything that she does, she's committed, she doesn't half ass it. She's all in. I love that about her."