Trisha Yearwood Shares Makeup-Free Selfie to Celebrate 'Really Real' Days

As a country singer, Trisha Yearwood is no stranger to getting all glammed up, but when she's not in full hair and makeup, she's just like us. Yearwood used Instagram last week to let her followers in on how she looks on her makeup-free days, posting a fresh-faced selfie after her fans complimented a full-glam photo she had posted one day prior teasing some upcoming projects.

"It’s Tuesday and I have a lot of exciting announcements coming up," Yearwood captioned the initial snap. "I feel hopeful about the future... it feels good to get excited again!" The next day, she posted a photo of herself with her hair back and glasses on, writing, "Thanks for all the sweet responses. The selfie I posted earlier was after a photo shoot, so glam goddess @goodwillglendastyle had done hair and makeup for me, I had great lighting, and a filter! It’s important for you to know that I have dream days like that, and I also have really 'real' days like tonight...this is me, after a hard workout with my trainer, no glam, no lighting, no filter. Love you guys!!"

Kimberly Williams-Paisley declared, "YES! This is awesome. Thank you for posting!" Sunny Sweeney commented, "And THIS is why you're my hero. But also. You're beautiful AF either way. I love you." "Love you gorgeous gal !" wrote Debbie Gibson. "I know the transition from real gal to filtered glam gal all too well and it’s so important for all of us gals to celebrate every little unique thing about our truest selves !"

In a recent interview with NewBeauty, Yearwood shared that she's typically makeup-free at home, and for the first months of the pandemic, she also let her hair have a break. "Honestly, if I showed up at my local grocery store with makeup right now, my neighbors wouldn’t recognize me!" she exclaimed. "I went six months without doing a thing to my hair and it was great — my hair has never looked better. I didn’t even wear makeup before I started doing this for a living, which tells you something."

After decades in the music business, the Georgia native has figured out a skincare regimen that works best for her in order to combat the effects of heavy stage makeup. "One of the things that’s always been difficult for me is that, on stage, you’re wearing a lot more of everything than you might think," she noted. "I learned early on that you have to wash your face. In the beginning, I would go to do a show, it would be late, and I would go to sleep on the bus — and wake up with my eyes glued together from the mascara. I knew it couldn’t be good for me in the long-term. So, at 26, I learned to wash my face. Since then, I’ve tried every crazy skin-care regimen out there, and what I swear by is some good soap and water, some makeup remover, and I finish with a witch-hazel pad. Now, I also apply something with anti-aging power."