Trisha Yearwood's Favorite Christmas Tradition Involves Garth Brooks and Her 3 Stepdaughters

Christmas isn't Christmas, at least for Trisha Yearwood, unless she gets this one thing done, and it involves her husband, Garth Brooks, and her three stepdaughters –– Taylor, August and Allie –– Brooks' children from his first marriage. The blended family began this ritual when Brooks' now-grown daughters were small, and it's something that still remains today.

"The biggest tradition that we've done since the girls were little is to decorate the tree together," Yearwood shared with and other media. "And even though we are all in different places and the girls are grown, that is still a tradition. So our tree might get decorated at Thanksgiving. It might get decorated the day before Christmas, but that is the one thing that we hold true to."

The Georgia native isn't the only one who wants to continue the tradition. Brooks' daughters all happily continue to decorate the tree year after year, even though they all live in different places now.

"When you're little, I know we're all this way, but things that your parents thought were cool when you were a kid that you thought, 'Why are we doing this?' As you get older it becomes important to you. So those girls probably would've let that tradition go, but they're like, 'No, we have to decorate the tree together.' So it's something that we continue to do.

"And just like in my family growing up, for us, we just make sure that we have time to be together," she added. "It might not be on the day, but we make sure that around the holidays we have everybody in one place."

Yearwood and Brooks have been married for 14 years, with their anniversary celebration more of a family affair than a romantic night out.

"She got married to the girls. They exchanged rings and everything," Brooks told Entertainment Tonight. "So, all five of us enjoy our anniversary together. We'll go somewhere to dinner, and it will be five minutes until I realize I'm the weak link of the chain of all the women there, and it'll just be great. As long as everybody's healthy, that's all you care about."


Yearwood is also celebrating her current single, "Every Girl in This Town," nearing close to the Top 25. The song is from her latest Every Girl album. Both the record and the single can be purchased or downloaded at

Photo Credit: Getty / Paul Morigi