Toby Keith Releases Patriotic 'Happy Birthday America' Song for Fourth of July

Toby Keith is sharing even more new music this month, releasing the patriotic song "Happy Birthday America" ahead of the Fourth of July holiday this weekend. Keith's new song examines the state of the country and its perception by its citizens, as well as what the world might look like without the United States.

"Happy birthday America / It's the Fourth of July," he sings. "I'll get to wake up in your freedom / But sometimes I wonder why / Seems like everybody's pissin' on the red, white and blue / Happy birthday America / Whatever's left of you." According to iHeartRadio, Keith was inspired to write the song while on a boat watching a fireworks display last year. When a friend wished him a happy Fourth of July, the singer responded, "Happy birthday, America. Whatever's left of you."

"It had been a screwed-up 18 months," he reflected. "I was seeing both sides having concern over the end of democracy. We've fought and divided almost to the point it's only about power and winning. Charlie Daniels had a song saying 'God save us all from religion.' And I'm thinking, 'God save us all from politicians.'"

Keith has released a number of patriotic songs throughout the course of his career including "Made in America," "American Soldier" and, arguably his most famous of the lot, "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue." Last week, the country star shared more new music when he released "Old School," a song celebrating small-town living that was written by Maren Morris, Ryan Hurd and Brett Tyler several years ago.


"'Old School' would be more of a mindset," Keith said. "I still go to old diners, I still live in the same town I grew up in. We still get high on fishing, stuff like that. It's more of a state of mind... we could be in Connecticut or we can be in Oregon. We're looking for the mom and pop diner. We're not looking for the steakhouse. That's the big chain or the big shift we're looking for. We're looking for grease dog. So, it's more of a mindset instead of just looking for things. I love old roadhouses and it's the simple things in life. That's what I love about this song too." Both "Old School and "Happy Birthday America" will appear on Keith's upcoming album, which is scheduled to arrive this fall.