Thomas Rhett Reveals How Tim Tebow Inspires His Life and Career

While Thomas Rhett likely looks up to plenty of country music heroes, his surprising biggest inspiration is football player Tim Tebow. As Rhett's star power began to rise in his own career, the "Beer Can't Fix" singer knew that he and his wife, Lauren Akins, hoped to model how they conducted themselves as celebrities, both in public and private, like the professional athlete.

"I do think I was out here to entertain people and allow people to have a good time on a Friday or Saturday night, but I think the most important reason that I was put here is to use what I have been given for good," Rhett shared with his record label. "Growing up, Tim Tebow was always such an inspiration to me because being in any sort of professional celebrity atmosphere it's really hard to maintain level-headedness. I would assume more so being in the NFL, and so someone like him who always turned anything good into something great, I've just always wanted to try to do that.

"For us, lately, it's been really advertising 147 Million Orphans and how important it is to adopt children around the world," he continued. "Or just even small things like, 'Hey, I picked this devotional book up today and it really helped me out, you should go get it. I just think it's always good to use your platform for good rather than bad."

Rhett and Akins also support the Love Wins charity, which provides medical care and resources for children in Uganda, where their oldest daughter, Willa Gray, was born. Akins also serves on the board of the non-profit.

"It's really, really cool now," Rhett said. "Even though she's not in the music business, she kind of is, in a way. And even though I'm not in the Love One business or the philanthropic business, I am in a way because we both are partners and team and that's been really cool just to kind of look back on our marriage and go, 'I feel like we've done a good job at really just supporting each other and encouraging each other.'"


Rhett, who is also the proud father of Willa Gray and Lennon Love, will kick off his Center Point Road Tour in May. Find tour dates by visiting his website

Photo Credit: Getty Images for CMT/Viacom