Thomas Rhett Reveals His Biggest Fears

Thomas Rhett may be one of country music's biggest stars, but his biggest fears are probably pretty similar to yours. Speaking to his record label, the "Country Again" singer opened up about a few things he's scared of, mentioning that some of his phobias are a bit "strange."

"I have a few strange… I don't know if they're strange fears but they are intense fears," he explained. I really, really do not like spiders at all. I can handle a small one, but anything a little bit bigger than that I can't really deal with it. I don't like roaches either. And I really don't like to be in the dark by myself. I usually sleep with the TV on when I'm sleeping by myself." All in all, not that strange or uncommon, though Rhett likely saw plenty of spiders in 2020 when he increased his time in nature after live music was sidelined due to the pandemic.

"With the year that we had in 2020, I think a lot of us were forced to not do what we do for a living and forced to slow down and really forced to recognize, like, what are your blessings in life and what are you grateful for?" he recently told reporters, via ABC News. "For me, that was my family, and for me, that was the outdoors — that was getting outside again, going fishing again, going hunting again, going out West and hiking with my family. Those are the things that I used to love to do so much, and then life just kind of got in the way."

Rhett, his wife Lauren Akins, and their three daughters, Willa Gray, 5, Ada James, 3, and Lennon Love, 1, took a number of trips last year including stops in Montana, Florida and Colorado. They'll soon be traveling as a family of six when Akins gives birth to the couple's fourth daughter in the fall. Rhett first announced Akins' pregnancy in May when he shared the news on stage during a concert at Billy Bob's Texas.


"Well... we are pregnant again!" the 31-year-old captioned a photo of himself and his wife backstage at the show, sharing that Akins gave him the okay to share their pregnancy news with the crowd over his in-ear monitors before he was about to play his new song "To the Guys That Date My Girls." "Anyways, now you know. We are pumped to be having our 4th girl," Rhett wrote, joking, "feel free to buy all the merch you want, knowing that all the proceeds are going straight to all these weddings I'll be paying for one day! Love you so much @laur_akins we always wanted a big thanksgiving table."