Thomas Rhett Releases 'Sixteen' as Next Single

Thomas Rhett just released "Sixteen" as his latest single. The tune, written by Rhett along with Sean Douglas and Joe Spargur, is from his recent Life Changes record.

"When you're a kid, you can't wait to grow up and reach that next milestone," Rhett said in a statement. "But as you get older, you look back and think about how much fun you had at 16, 18 or 21. This song is a reminder to live in the moment and just soak up where you're at in life."

"Sixteen," which says, "What I wouldn't give to be sixteen, wild and free / Cruisin' up and down Main in my F-150 / Roll the windows down, bass too loud from this burned CD / I'll be right where I wanna be when I'm sixteen, sixteen," is part of Rhett's latest introspective album, which includes the title track. Although Life Changes was released only a year ago, the 28-year-old hints "Sixteen" might be his last single.

"We're on our fourth single, which is crazy because the record came out last September. It's not even a year old," Rhett said after releasing "Life Changes," according to Sounds Like Nashville. "I remember on my second record we didn't make a new record for like two years or something like that. But I just think it's the way that a lot of fans are consuming music today. When my [Life Changes] album came out, that was the first time we'd ever gone out on the road right after an album and gotten to play album cuts that people knew all the words to."

The singer-songwriter adds that, while he doesn't have a specific date in mind, it will likely be in the near future.

"Right now we're just trying to lock down a time to figure out what songs we're gonna record and when we're gonna record them," Rhett admitted. "But it is my goal to just keep putting more music out there."

"Life Changes" is Rhett's 11th No. 1 hit, which he celebrated by releasing a deluxe version of his latest set of tunes.

"There's no way for me to explain how it feels to have 11 number ones," Rhett said in a statement. "This was the song that inspired the name of the album, and is so special for me because it's my family's story. It's amazing that so many people have also been able to connect it to their own stories."

Rhett is currently on his Life Changes Tour, which includes Brett Young and Midland as his opening acts. Find a list of all of Rhett's upcoming shows at

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Photo Credit: Getty images/Christopher Polk