'The Voice': Kelly Clarkson Teases Nick Jonas 'Better Watch out' Ahead of Season 18 Premiere

We still don't know when The Voice will officially kick off Season 18, but we do know that Kelly Clarkson is returning to the hit TV show, along with Blake Shelton, John Legend and newcomer Nick Jonas. Clarkson already won against Shelton and Legend in Season 17, with her team member Jake Hoot, which is why she is issuing a serious warning to Jonas ahead of his inaugural season.

"He better watch out, because mama won last season," Clarkson told Entertainment Tonight, adding, "We did have to fight it out a lot in the [blinds]. It was always me and Nick against each other."

Clarkson isn't the only one who is issuing warnings to Jonas. Shelton is also vowing to make Jonas' time on the set hard, perhaps partly because the Jonas Brothers member is filling a seat left vacant by Shelton's girlfriend, Gwen Stefani.

"I'm gonna take it out on Nick Jonas," Shelton jokingly vowed to Extra. "He's gonna be sitting there, new guy … I'm gonna bully him a little bit, to be honest."

Later, Shelton also vowed he would work harder than ever, if only to make sure Jonas didn't win.

"He's going down!" Shelton previously told Entertainment Tonight. "He replaced my girlfriend and that's unacceptable."

We don't know when Season 18 will start, but we do know that Clarkson has also renewed another season of her successful The Kelly Clarkson Show. Although the show averages almost 2 million viewers, Clarkson definitely isn't one of them.

"I can't watch it because I hate watching me, but people seem to like it," Clarkson admitted. "I saw the very first episode and then I was like, 'Out,' because it's weird watching yourself."

The successful singer and performer will kick off her own Las Vegas residency this year, making 2020 one of her busiest years so far –– not that she is complaining.

"I love being a part of a team that puts this show together, it's just a positive thing," Clarkson commented. "Everyone was like, 'You have so many jobs.' But even when I was a teenager, I had, like, four jobs. I like working, I like being productive … it's really cool."


Like The Voice, The Kelly Clarkson Show also airs on NBC. Check the show's website for local listings, and find Clarkson's upcoming tour dates at KellyClarkson.com.

Photo Credit: Getty / NBC