'The Voice': Kane Brown Will Mentor Blake Shelton's Season 19 Team

After teasing Kane Brown as his battle advisor for Season 19 of The Voice, Blake Shelton officially confirmed on Monday that Brown would be helping his team this season. "It's time to finally let the cat out of the bag," he said in a video on his Instagram Story. "My advisor has been here... a few times right?"

Shelton pointed out that Brown had previously performed on The Voice and will now serve as his advisor this season before panning the camera to Brown, who waved and said, "How y'all doing?"

The clip was filmed just after the videos Shelton had previously shared teasing Brown as his advisor, during which he asked fans to guess the identity of the celebrity guest by sharing the names of four artists, only one of whom had not collaborated with his advisor. Shelton also asked Brown to sing something off-camera, and the 26-year-old obliged with a snippet of Uncle Kracker's "Follow Me."

"Hey Kane, I was wondering, when I said 'Sing a little something and guess who it is why you didn't do one of my songs'" Shelton asked Brown in the new video shared on Monday. In response, Brown offered up some of Shelton's early hit "Ol' Red," which received an enthusiastic "All right!" from the coach.

Brown also confirmed his new gig on Twitter, to which Shelton replied, "Hell right! Let’s go #TeamBlake!!!!!"

"My dream — and nobody knows this — was to always try out for The Voice and be on Blake Shelton's team," Brown told Entertainment Tonight. "I'm just so grateful to be here." Meanwhile, Julia Michaels will serve as an advisor to Gwen Stefani's team and Leon Bridges will assist Kelly Clarkson's contestants.

Shelton shared that he and his fellow coaches are excited to be a "comforting presence" for viewers during this difficult year. The show's famous blind auditions will this season take place with a "virtual audience" of fans watching from home, which created a "new dynamic" for the coaches.


"We're able to hear the artists in a way that we've never heard before — and we're able to hear the insults coming from the other coaches in a way that we've never heard them before," Shelton joked. "They're really cutting through."

Season 19 of The Voice premieres on Monday, Oct. 19 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.