'The Voice': John Legend Jokingly Calls Blake Shelton 'Arrogant' After Season Finale

John Legend just won his inaugural season of The Voice, with his team member, Maelyn Jarmon, beating out Blake Shelton's three teammates in the show's finale. While Legend certainly has plenty to brag about, the singer-songwriter says it's Shelton who might need an attitude adjustment.

"Oh Blake," Legend told Entertainment Tonight. "You know, I really love Blake and enjoyed getting to know him this year."

"He's a very arrogant bast—," he continued. "But I had this feeling that he was gonna be the one kissing someone's a— after the show, and I was right once again."

Shelton has yet to publicly comment on Legend's win, but the R&B star credits Jarmon with taking home the prize more than anything Legend might have done.

"I think it gave us an advantage to stand out being the only woman, and only non-country artist," Legend said of Jarmon.

Jarmon competed in the finale against Andrew Sevener, Dexter Roberts and Gyth Rigdon, with Legend maintaining the best vocalist won.

"But when you have Maelyn on your team, she's supposed to win The Voice. Her voice is supposed to win," he added. "That's why it's called The Voice."

Shelton, along with fellow coaches Adam Levine and Kelly Clarkson, admitted that they were nervous about competing against Legend, who is a proud EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony) winner.

"What are you guys worried about?" Levine asked Shelton and Clarkson in a promo clip for Season 16.

"I mean, John's an Emmy winner, a Grammy, Oscar, Tony — it's a lot," Clarkson remarked, with Shelton adding, "I'm not worried!"

The Voice later joked about Legend's career-long winning streak, giving him a new title after Jarmon was declared the winner.

"[John Legend] is officially a VEGOT," the show quipped on Twitter.

Shelton and Levine are not speaking out about Legend's win, but Clarkson, who won the last two seasons (with Brynn Cartelli and Chevel Shepherd, respectively), congratulated Legend on his success.

"Congrats you two on an amazing season and an awesome win!" Clarkson tweeted to Legend. "Killer job!"


Shelton, Levine and Clarkson will each get a chance to redeem themselves next season, since all four judges announced they will all be returning for Season 17.

Photo Credit: Trae Patton/NBC