Priscilla Presley Addresses Rumors She's Dying, Losing Her Memory

Priscilla Presley has addressed rumors that she's dying, and losing her memory, reassuring fans that she is all right and her health is fine. Taking to Facebook, Presley wrote that as much as she has stated before, she is in optimal health.

"As I have stated before, I’m in very good health, I’m not dying and I still have my memory," Presley said. "Don't put me under yet... I have to much to do in this lifetime. Where these crazy articles come from is beyond me. On a brighter note... to all of you that are coming to Graceland for our popular Elegant Southern Style in March, I’m looking forward to seeing you. Let’s have some fun!!"

Many of her fans have since commented on the post, with one writing: "These crazy articles all give us something to laugh about. So happy to hear you are in great health. I haven’t been to Graceland in about 5 years. I’m excited to plan a trip and see all the new work that’s been done."

"There are some crazy out there after some attention so glad to hear you are fit and well thank you for keeping Elvis' memory and your beautiful home alive sadly I can only dream of visiting but it's awesome to see and read of others visits all the best from Stoke,Nelson,New Zealand," another added.

"Saw you at the inaugural Elegant Southern Style weekend. You were Elegant, very well able to present many seminars, a very good dancer, socialised with good humour and tolerance with sooo many people looking for your attention. You are in tip top shape according to me," someone else wrote.

"Hallelujah!! That’s great!!! Some people just want to stir up lies... sound familiar? Glad you let it roll down your back & come back with nothing other than pride & Grace! I wish I was coming to Graceland (I’ve never been) for your fun-filled Southern Style weekend," one other fan commented.


"I hadn’t heard any of the rumors, but then again I don’t read tabloids. Glad to hear you are doing as well as you look. Beautiful inside and out!" one final fan proclaimed.

Photo credit: Getty Images