Pistol Annies Open up About 'More Grown Up' New Album

Pistol Annies' upcoming Interstate Gospel album will be a "more grown up" version of their previous two. The trio, made up of Miranda Lambert, Angaleena Presley and Ashley Monroe, say the new set of tunes will show their growth, both as women and as artists.

"All of our records have a common theme...truth telling, and making light of hard and heavy things," Pistol Annies shared on Instagram.

The threesome, who released Hell on Heels in 2011, followed by Annie Up in 2013, have experienced plenty of changes in the last five years, which will be evident in Interstate Gospel.

"#InterstateGospel is a little more grown up than our other two albums," they added on Instagram. "More mature, but still fun."

When the Pistol Annies announced Interstate Gospel, they promised all of their personalities, and personal journeys, could be heard on the 14-track record.

"The best way to describe this record is that it sounds like three women came unleashed and told a bunch of truth," announced the women. "We didn't hold back and we're proud of it. #PistolAnniesAreBack."

Pistol Annies are certainly in different stages of their lives, which Lambert referenced when announcing Presley's pregnancy while on stage with Pistol Annies, as part of her joint The Bandwagon Tour with Little Big Town.

"See, one of us is drinking, one of us is smoking, and one of us is not taking our pill! Holler Annie's having a baby, everybody! Stay tuned," she quipped. "We don't know what it is, either."

Presley didn't necessarily plan on having a baby right after Pistol Annies released their third album, but she isn't at all worried about the timing.

"When I turned 40 my husband and I decided to put the decision to have a baby in the hands of fate," Presley said of her husband, Jordan Powell. "A year and a half after we 'stopped being careful' we were blessed with two pink lines. To say the least, we were both shocked and overjoyed. As an outspoken, female artist, I feel like this is just one more thing that I'm meant to take on in this life. I'm ready to rock being an older mom."

Pistol Annies have teased three songs in advance of the release of Interstate Gospel. The songs, "Interstate Gospel," "Got My Name Changed Back" and "Best Years of My Life," are available here.


Pistol Annies will perform three shows to promote Interstate Gospel this year. The threesome will play in Nashville on Oct. 25, followed by New York City on Nov. 2, and Los Angeles on Nov. 7. More information, including album pre-order and tickets to their three shows, can be found at PistolAnnies.com.

Photo Credit: TRUE Public Relations/ Miller Mobley