Nicole Kidman Reacts to Maren Morris' New Single, 'GIRL'

Keith Urban's wife, Nicole Kidman, is singing the praises of Maren Morris, and her latest single, "GIRL." The actress shared her thoughts on Instagram.

"Another female country music powerhouse!" the wife of Keith Urban wrote.

Morris released "GIRL" as the debut single from her upcoming, still-untitled sophomore album. The female anthem was inspired by a conversation Morris had with one of her friends.

(Photo: Instagram/nicolekidman)

"The day that we wrote 'GIRL,' I was starting to write this letter to her," Morris recalled. "Why are we competing against one another? Is it ourselves? Is it this industry? Is it the world?"

As she began to write, Morris realized her friend wasn't the one who needed to hear the words the most.

"I don't think I am writing this to her," Morris realized. "I am writing this to myself."

Morris intentionally bared her soul in "GIRL," which is indicative of how she recorded songs for her next record.

"There's a line in the verse where it says, 'I don't like myself right now,'" Morris told SiriusXM's The Highway. "That's a really tough message to admit, that I'm not killing it right now. I'm really not on my game. And I just need to accept that for today, and tomorrow is a new day.' I think that allows people to realize, just because you're an artist, doesn't mean that you're successful every single day, and you're celebrating that success every day.

"There's dark sides to everything," she continued. "I've had to do a lot of soul-diving this past year, personally and professionally. Getting married, and going into this new phase artistic-ness with this song, and this album."

Morris married singer-songwriter Ryan Hurd last year, who raved about the new tune.

"So proud of this girl," Hurd boasted on social media. "And Girl. Everyone asked if she was making a pop record, and she went and made something uniquely Maren. And even after hearing it a hundred times in our kitchen, it still is so right. Huge smiles for you, Girl."

Morris also released the video for "GIRL," which she hopes inspires women all over the globe.

"I feel like this video really emotionally represents those people that have felt disenfranchised," Morris told Nylon. "I hope that, when everyone sees it, they feel something and hit replay and watch it several times. Maybe it makes them look at the people around them differently and know that everyone's fighting an internal battle of their own."


Download "GIRL" on iTunes.

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