Jason Aldean and Wife Brittany Share 'Crazy' Snapshots From 2019 NFL Draft

Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany Aldean, are at the NFL Draft in Nashville Thursday night, with an incredible look of the action. The couple shared photos from their viewpoint, looking down on Broadway.

The two are watching the event from the rooftop of Aldean's restaurant, which shared a great photo of the two with the stage behind them.

Brittany also shared a view on her own Instagram page, adding, "NASHVILLE!!!! This is crazy!" She added videos from the festivities in her Instagram Story, including one showing her kissing Aldean.

jason aldean nfl draft instagram 1
(Photo: Instagram/Jason Aldean's)

The Aldeans took a break from building their new home just outside Nashville to watch the draft. Earlier this week, Brittany gave fans a tour of the massive new home on her Instagram Story, revealing a massive domed ceiling and winding staircase. There will also be a large outdoor porch area, a bowling alley and a fireplace. They are also including a special play yard for their two children, 1-year-old son Memphis and 2-month-old daughter Navy, who was born in February.

"When I met Jason and fell in love with him, I just wanted to start a family with him. My mind changed completely. I knew I wanted to be a mom," Brittany told PEOPLE recently. "I thought I'd just own a lot of animals and be totally fine — like, 'If I just have a bunch of bulldogs, I'll be all good."

Brittany said she is now in full mom mode and is really excited to raise a baby girl.

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(Photo: Instagram/Brittany Aldean)

"Navy is going to be my little best friend that I take shopping and get my nails done with," she joked. "I'm so excited to do all the girly things with her."

While Memphis has already been out on the road with his famous father, Navy is going to have to wait a bit longer.

"[Navy]'s a little young right now so we may wait until towards the end of the year to go on the road with him, but that is our goal, to all be out there as a family so the kids can experience that life and see their dad perform," Brittany added.

Aldean recently released his latest single, "Rearview Town," and will be out on tour this summer. On Sunday, he is performing at the Stagecoach County Music Festival in Indio, California.


Earlier this month, Aldean won the ACM Artist of the Decade Award, presented by the previous recipient, George Strait.

Photo credit: Instagram/Jason Aldean's