Miranda Lambert Reveals If She Would Ever Release a Live Album

Country music superstar Miranda Lambert has already proven herself to be one of the top vocalists [...]

Country music superstar Miranda Lambert has already proven herself to be one of the top vocalists in the genre, who also happens to know how to put on a killer show. So while it might seem that she would be the perfect artist to release a live album, Lambert says it is unlikely that will ever happen.

"I am more of a what you want to see in person," Lambert shared on Broadway's Electric Barnyard. "I don't enjoy listening to live albums unless they're vintage. I just feel like people should come have an experience, and be there and be a part of it, so I probably won't ever do one."

The 36-year-old might not release a live album, but she definitely has ambitions beyond just country music. Lambert recently admitted she has another musical endeavor she hopes to someday accomplish: Broadway!

"I have so many dreams left. I'm starting to set a new set of goals for myself, and more of them are personal now than they ever were, because I was so career-driven early on," Lambert admitted according to Taste of Country. "I would like to write for a Broadway musical, I think that would be a cool thing that I've never done before."

Lambert released her Wildcard album on Nov. 1, which marked her first release since her 2016 The Weight of These Wings. The record shows a return to Lambert's fun –– and slightly feisty –– side, which she was eager to share with her fans.

"Life takes its turns where it will and sometimes they're not your favorite turns, but being a songwriter, I can use those life experiences sort of as therapy," Lambert told PopCulture.com. "I'm so thankful for that, because I think it really is a healing process too. But definitely coming out of The Weight of These Wings into Wildcard is a totally different vibe and kind of feels like a little bit of the old me."

"I don't think I've ever strayed from, 2005 is when my first record came out, Kerosene, and I don't think I'm really that different at all," she added with a laugh. "Now, I might just have calmed down just a bit."

Lambert just released her current single, "Bluebird," which is already in the Top 40. Download or stream all of the songs on Wildcard by visiting Lambert's website.

Photo Credit: Getty / Kevin Winter