Matt Stell Shares the Story Behind 'Look At Me Now' in Exclusive Clip

Matt Stell scored a major hit with his debut single "Prayed for You," a beautiful love song about his future partner. His new song "Look At Me Now" is also a romantic track aimed at his one-day wife, but according to Stell, those types of declarations are not actually his personal favorites.

"I'm just going to be 100 percent honest, and you can take this as you want it but this is God's honest truth," he said in a video sharing a story behind the new single. "This is going to sound funny coming from the 'Prayed for You' guy, but love songs like that are not my forte, they're not even something that I typically just love. I love sad heartbreak songs, that's sort of my default setting."

"Look At Me Now" finds its narrator detailing his rowdy past, which ended after he met his future wife. "Look at me now, looking at you / Just like everyone else in the room / Look at me now, tears in my eyes / Even though I swore that I wouldn't cry," Stell sings in the chorus. "Lost it the second I saw you in that dress / And your daddy was walking you down / Thought I'd never do this / But look at me now."

Stell shared that he was sent the track by songwriter Joe Fox, and he "immediately knew they had written an absolute just smash of a love song."


"From a songwriter's perspective, there's so much a part of you that wants to write everything you do, but if you're really a songwriter and you moved to town to songwriter, you have to let the best song win or else there's no such thing as a songwriter," he explained. "When they sent me that song, I knew immediately that that was as good of a love song, positive marriage love song that there was. It cut through to somebody like me, that doesn't go seeking out those kind of songs necessarily. And so that's how I knew it was a special one, and I'm very proud to be the person that gets to sing that and got to cut that song, especially when it's also written by a few of my best friends."

"Look at Me Now" was written by Fox, Seth Ennis, and Thomas Finchum and appears on Stell's recently-released EP, Better Than That. The 8-song project features his current single, "Everywhere But On," and "Prayed for You," as well as six other tracks about life and love. Stell co-wrote five of the songs on the EP and wrote on Instagram that he "couldn’t be prouder of this project." "All of these songs changed my life in one way or another," he shared. "I hope you listen to it and turn it up loud."