Luke Combs' Wedding Is 'All Systems Go' Despite Coronavirus Pandemic

Luke Combs and fiancée Nicole Hocking have so far not been one of the couples forced to postpone their wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the singer shared that their planning is still in full swing in an new interview with ET Canada. "Things are still on track as of right now," he said. "That's all I know as far as that stuff goes, we're still planning on doing it, we're still picking out napkins and stuff like that, so all that stuff is all systems go as of right now."

As far as his role in the preparations, Combs shared that he's focused on a few important specifics. "I'm like the booze guy, for sure," he said. "Probably gonna dabble in some playlists, you know, I'm sure that will probably happen. I'm just a good time engineer on this thing. Good time engineer, that's the official title I would give myself. Not heavy lifting. She's doing all the heavy lifting." When asked whether he would get involved with the seating arrangements, the North Carolina native played coy. "Maybe there is, maybe there isn't formal seating," he said. "Who knows? There's no way to know, you know? Maybe it's just kind of a come as you are kind of thing. There's no way of telling."

He also didn't specifically answer whether the couple had to change their date due to the pandemic or if they are planning on their original date, only saying, "It's fine as of right now." Based on Combs’ comments, it’s likely that his wedding is scheduled for fall 2020 or sometime in 2021. "If I knew where it was at, I would tell you," he joked.

Amid the wedding planning, Combs shared that he's been spending his quarantine the same way the rest of us have — watching a lot of television. "I watched the entire series of Ozark in about a week," he revealed. "So that was pretty great. Pretty heavy stuff. My fiancée had watched the first two seasons and I hadn't seen any of it, so we rewatched it from the start. It was great."

Combs' other quarantine activities are also pretty relatable, especially his last point. "It's turkey season here, so I've been hunting turkeys a decent amount, so that's been good." he said. "Watching a lot of TV. Working out — it doesn't look like it, but I am. Just hanging out, really. Trying to keep from going crazy I guess."