Luke Bryan Hints Halloween Costume Will Include Feathers

For Luke Bryan and his family, Halloween is a cause to be celebrated, and celebrated big. The American Idol judge reveals this year's costume will include feathers, and a party, all thanks to his wife, Caroline Bryan. But more than just his immediate family, including his sons, Bo and Tate, and nephew Til, their entire neighborhood joins in on the celebration.

"Caroline picks the outfit every year," Bryan shared with and other media. "I have no choice. I heard that it was feathery this year. I'm doing make-up shows for the Farm Tour. I'm going to fly in, do Halloween and then I've got to go do Idol, so I'm going to fly out late Halloween night and go to Idol.

"But we have a perfect neighborhood for it, and we do a big picnic a couple of hours before dark," he added. "All the parents get around, and the kids can tear the neighborhood down, so it's pretty special. It's a fun dynamic for us and we have a big time with it."

Caroline hasn't revealed Bryan's costume, but if he is matching her, he will be an ostrich, since she posted a few photos of her elaborate Halloween outfit.

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"This costume needs a tweeetment!!!" Caroline posted.

The "What She Wants Tonight" singer previously praised his wife for the way she goes all in for holidays, even if her recent Halloween decoration scared him half to death.

"So my wife bought those little things where the witch taps on the glass," Bryan recounted. "So I'm at the house late. I get home off the road. It's like 12:15 at night and I'm brushing my teeth, and I hear something going and this witch, you stick it to the outside of your glass. I look up and there is a witch tapping. So that's what my wife does to me during Halloween."

Bryan just wrapped up his Sunset Repeat Tour, and is working on a new record, although he isn't exactly sure how many songs will be on it, or when it will be released.

"I'm always working on an album, and I've written a lot for this album," Bryan acknowledged. "I've written more than I have on the past couple of albums. Now that doesn't mean, I don't know if that'll equate to me having more songs on the album, but do I think the format of me doing a 15, 16 song album is potentially over with? Maybe, but we do have things lined up where I have quite a few songs recorded.

"When the songs peak, we'll look at them and determine what we want to come with next," he continued. "If we feel like we got a big summer song, probably will go that route and vice versa, but definitely have a good bit of songs recorded. And certainly in album-making mode right now."


Photo Credit: Getty / Jeff Kravitz