Lauren Alaina Tests Positive for COVID-19

Lauren Alaina has revealed that she tested positive for COVID-19, sharing the news with fans on Saturday. In a statement on social media, Alaina announced that due to her diagnosis, she would not be able to play an acoustic show in Lexington, Kentucky that evening.

"I am so sad to say I will not be at the acoustic show in Lexington, Kentucky tonight," Alaina said in a statement. "I tested positive for COVID yesterday. I am quarantining and trying to get better! Please know I can't wait to be back - when it is safe for all of us." She also encouraged fans to go to the show to see the other artists on the bill including Jon Pardi, Jordan Davis, Travis Denning and Priscilla Block.

"I'm so disappointed I won't be at the show, but it may help cheer me up a bit if you go and send me videos and pictures," the American Idol alum concluded. "Please go to the show tonight and celebrate my friends Jon Pardi, Jordan Davis, Travis Denning, and Priscilla Block. Thanks to WAMZ and WBUL for being so understanding."

After posting her statement, Alaina further discussed her symptoms on her Instagram Story, posting a video of herself on the couch with her dog, Opry. "Thank you for all the well wishes," she told her followers. "I am resting up and trying to feel a bit better. Some people have it way worse than me — I just have a little bit of shortness of breath, a really bad headache, no taste or smell, pretty bad congestion and I feel pretty tired."

"But I overall feel like it's going to be okay," she concluded, panning the camera to Opry and adding, "and I've got this sweet nurse!" Over the past year, Alaina has released two EPs, Getting Good in March and Getting Over Him in September. The title track from the latter project, which features Pardi, is the 26-year-old's current single.


"I wanted it to be a duet, I wanted to show both sides of going out and having a good time and just kind of being like, 'We're just having a good time, nothing serious,'" Alaina said in a video sharing the story behind the song. She added that "this song was really important for me to write, it's about having a good time on a Friday night. Jon Pardi is the definition of having a good time on a Friday night."