Lady Antebellum Reveals Ryan Hurd Wrote Their New Single, 'What If I Never Get Over You'

Lady Antebellum is back at radio with a brand-new single, "What If I Never Get Over You," which they reveal was written by fellow country singer Ryan Hurd, along with Laura Veltz, Sam Ellis and Jon Green.

"He wrote 'You Look Good,' so he was singing on that demo too," Charles Kelley told Storme Warren on SiriusXM's The Highway, speaking about Hurd. "I don't know if I just really love his voice or what, but it always just grabs me. It's funny too, in both songs, we turned them into duets. I think we kind of, when somebody is coming up with fresh stuff, it's so funny... this song too, we've written a lot with all of the writers.

"I literally reached out to them right after we cut it, and I said, 'Please write us some more of these,' he continued, "because we write a ton, but there's also such a fresh perspective that some of these younger writers like Ryan Hurd are coming out with. They're bold and brave in how they write, and it's nice to put your own stamp on other people's songs as well."

Hurd's wife, Maren Morris, also praised Hurd, sharing her thoughts in an Instagram Story.

(Photo: Instagram/marenmorris)

"When [Ryan Hurd] wrote this song and played it for me, I couldn't stop listening to the demo," Morris boasted. "I am so, so happy [Lady Antebellum] recorded it because they brought so much love and heart to his words."

"We had a lot of other really special songs that we recorded, but this just felt like such a good timely single for us," Kelley recently told and other media. "Something we haven't put out in a long time, and to me it's probably to be my favorite thing we've put out since around that second or third record. 'The 'Need You Now' record just has that kind of longing thing that I think is something we usually try to gravitate towards.

"We've taken a lot of chances and tried a lot of different things, like 'You Look Good' and 'Bartender', which has been huge for our live show," he added, "but I do think that the core of us is definitely more of this type of a sound. So, we're really excited about it, for sure."


"What If I Never Get Over You" is from an upcoming new album. Download the single on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Erika Goldring