Krystal Keith Says Her Daughter is 'Spoiled Rotten' With Toby Keith as a Grandfather

Toby Keith might sing songs like "Red Solo Cup," "How Do You Like Me Now?!" and "Who's Your Daddy?," but in his real life, the 56-year-old pretty soft-hearted, least when it comes to his grandchildren. His daughter, Krystal Keith, learned that first-hand, when she had her daughter, Hensley, now two years old.

"My sister has two that are nine and seven so he's been down this road before, but it's been a while since they had a baby in the house," Krystal Keith shared with at a recent media event. "We all live ten minutes from each other, so every time I [think],' I'm gonna get a place in Nashville,' my parents are like, 'No, that's not happening,' because we're four miles away, really. They see her every day and we're a mile from the golf course, which my parents basically live at when they're in town. He takes her out in the golf cart and shows her off to all his buddies and then mom takes her to her girlfriends. She's spoiled rotten."

Keith's mother, Tricia Keith, and her famous father, dubbed Pop-Pop and Gigi by the grandchildren, both like to give plenty of gifts to their grandchildren, even though Krystal Keith tries (sometimes without success), to limit the amount of toys her daughter gets.

"It's really hard to keep her grounded when you have grandparents that like to spoil grandbabies," she concedes. "At Christmastime, I'm like, 'I have no more room in my house, I don't live in [your] size house. If you want to buy something big it's gotta go outside, because I don't have room for it anymore.'"

Keith, her husband, Andrew, and young daughter were in a car accident in July, when they were hit by a drunk driver, severely injuring the young singer and her husband.

"We are still in therapy," Keith reveals. "It's a lot of injuries that no one else can really see. We kind of just power through. I have a fractured vertebrae in my neck. A couple of other back issues, muscle issues. My husband has a bunch of muscle and ligament issues. The baby is perfectly fine, as far as we know. I can't tell you that years from now there won't be a residual thing that we don't know about because she's not old enough to tell us, but right now we're powering through."

Keith recently released a duet, "Anyone Else," with her good friend, Lance Carpenter. The song is available for download on iTunes.


Photo Credit: Instagram/KrystalKeith