Keith Urban Reveals Weirdest Thing a Fan Has Asked Him to Sign in Las Vegas

Although Keith Urban has just kicked off his Las Vegas residency, which will run throughout 2020, he has already met plenty of fans from all over the globe –– some who have traveled from afar just to see his show. The New Zealand native enjoys getting to meet all of his fans, although he did have one fan ask him to sign a strange object, which, thankfully, he did not comply with their request.

"Whenever I can stay afterwards and sign, I always do if I don't have to make a flight or be somewhere at a certain time and can hang," Urban told Billboard. "People come from other countries sometimes and they're here to see the show and this is their moment. The weirdest thing so far here is somebody in the meet and greet the other day asked me to sign their nose, which I didn't do."

Urban has also seen his fair share of interesting signs, including one that was a bit of a head-scratcher for him.

"It's all very spontaneous," Urban said. "Someone last night had a sign that said 'I have a scrunchie to give you. Will you accept it?' I didn't quite know what that was. Well, I know what a scrunchie is, but by all accounts [the sign was] an offering to become boyfriend and girlfriend."

Urban, happily married to actress Nicole Kidman, is spending as much time as possible with his family, even while performing so many shows in Vegas.

"Right now I'm going back and forth a little bit ... I love being able to go back and forth if I can," said the singer. "I went back last night, but last week I stayed down the first night and worked on some things the next day. It just depends if we need to work on things as well."

Urban joins the ranks of artists like Garth Brooks, Shania Twain, and Reba McEntire, Brooks & Dunn, among others, who have decided to become a permanent fixture in Las Vegas. To Urban, the bustling city is the perfect place for artists, of any genre, to play.

"Vegas always feels like it's in transition," he reflected. "It's evolving and moving and shape-shifting and changing. And it's not the Vegas it was. Even the idea of doing a residency has changed over the years. I think there was a time when everyone just thought, well, that's where you go when you're at the end of your career –– 'We're going to go to Vegas.' It's definitely not that. You see everybody here, wherever they are in their careers. But what I was excited about was this venue specifically. To me, it's just an amazing place to play."


Due to fan demand, Urban has added more dates to his Las Vegas residency. Find all of his upcoming shows on his website.

Photo Credit: Getty / Jason Kempin