Keith Urban Calls Post Malone a 'Pure Global Rock Star'

He might be a country music superstar, but Keith Urban is a fan of other styles of music as well, especially Post Malone's! Urban, who has been known to crossover with other genres in his own music, is praising the rapper for his eclectic music, which is often a daily staple for Urban.

"Post has transcended categorization," Urban told Rolling Stone. "I mean he's just Post Malone. Really I think, Post to me is just a pure global rock star. He fits that category better than anybody I can think of right now. Right down to everything about him. Authenticity, the whole lifestyle. Everything legit. He's legit. Crazy talented. He writes great songs.

"A song like 'Circles,' it's just a great song," he continued. "Anybody can pick up an acoustic guitar and play 'Circles.' You can sit around the beach and play that song, you know what I mean? It's just a good song."

Urban might be a fan of Post Malone, but there are several other pop artists as well who are included in Urban's daily mix of music.

"I just love everything that's new right now.," Urban gushed. "The Weeknd has some new stuff coming out. Both ['Heartless' and 'Blinding Lights'] I love. Selena Gomez has a song called 'Rare' that I love. I love the recording of it, love the song. Dua Lipa has 'Don't Start Now.' Again, really cool song, but the production is insane. Those things really speak to me for my sonic inspiration. They just excite me."

Urban acknowledges he might like the pop music because of the way it is made, which is a stark contrast to how a lot of country records are created.

"They're making really exciting records," Urban noted. I love records that have had time spent on them. They weren't banged out three or four songs in a session. They're labored over and they're crafted. There's a lot of attention to detail. I love those kind of records."


Urban is spending much of 2020, when not performing overseas, at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, for his residency, which includes some newly-added dates, thanks to fan demand. The 52-year-old also says a record will likely be released in 2020 as well. Find updates at

Photo Credit: Getty / NBC