Kane Brown Imitates Wife Katelyn in Hilarious New Video

Kane Brown fans know that the country singer is a fan of taking an occasional good-natured jab at his wife, Katelyn, on social media, and Brown was at it again with a new video just before the new year. In a clip captioned "Couple things," the 27-year-old did his best impression of his wife, starting the video off on a Peloton bike with a towel on his head.

"How are these other moms beating me? Babe! How many calories do you usually burn?" he shouted. "I've been going for two hours and I'm at 53!" The next scene was Brown as Katelyn leaning over Katelyn as Brown's shoulder while the latter played video games, oblivious to their spouse's presence. The last section of the clip featured Katelyn as Brown waiting in bed for Brown as Katelyn to get ready to watch a movie. "I am so ready for bed," he exclaimed as he came out of the bathroom in a robe and towel. "Face is moisturized."

Brown had previously shared a blooper reel of himself in the bathrobe and towel to let fans know the full video was on its way. "We have a full video coming but here’s the bloopers of me trying to act like my wife," he wrote.

Brown and Katelyn may soon be collaborating on more than funny videos, as Brown has confirmed that the couple has recorded a song together. The Georgia native is set to release his next album this year, though he has not confirmed whether his duet with his wife will appear on the project.


"She was a pop singer and she put singing on hold and then we had the baby," Brown told PopCulture.com of "Mad at This World," his latest single. "We've been talking about doing a song together and then we just heard this song come in that was perfect for us. I thought it was a beautifully written song. And so we're just excited to get that up, kind of release it to the fans. I tell her that she's my secret weapon."

During an interview on Sirius XM's The Highway, he compared "Mad at This World" to his recent single "Worldwide Beautiful." "It's basically a song calling out everything else that's happened in 2020, from the tornadoes destroying Nashville, California getting hit by those fires, and all of that," he said. "It's basically saying, 'How could I be mad at this world when this world gave me you?'"