Kane Brown Explains Why He Made 'Homesick' a Military Tribute

Kane Brown's current single, "Homesick," was inspired by the singer missing his own wife, Katelyn Jae. But the song quickly became a tribute to those serving in the military, thanks to the inspiring video that accompanies the song.

"We wanted to do something that gave a broader view of the song," Brown told CMT. "Obviously, being out on the road makes me miss my family and my dogs and my home. But the soldiers who are overseas sacrifice so much, and I wanted to honor them."

The video shows actual footage of soldiers returning from deployment, with one of the scenes inspiring an upcoming new video.

"We asked fans to submit their homecoming videos, and the response was unbelievable," Brown said. "The soldier meeting his baby for the first time is a really powerful scene. We actually plan to make another 'Homesick' video inspired by that story alone."

The 25-year-old grew closer to his fans by them allowing him to see such an intimate look into their own lives.

"'Homesick' is a very emotional song," Brown said. "And we asked fans to submit real videos, so I have a very personal connection to each of these homecoming videos because those people are my fans."

Brown previously opened up to PopCulture.com about the song, revealing it was in thinking about who else has jobs that keep them away from home that he came up with the idea for the video.

"'Homesick' is a song that I wrote for myself, basically at the moment where it was just me being on the road so much, and missing my family and my wife," Brown recalled. "And after I finished this song, I really listened to it, and to see who could relate to it, and the military popped into my head, so we decided to dedicate this song to the military."

"Homesick" follows Brown's fourth No. 1 hit, "Good as You," and already seems likely to climb all the way to the top.

"It's an honor, 'cause when I first got in the game, it took me two singles to even move on the radio charts, so you never know if you're gonna have a No. 1," Brown acknowledged. "For country radio to be behind me ... I'm blessed. I feel blessed."


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Photo Credit: Getty images / Frazer Harrison