Kacey Musgraves Debuts New Pink Hair Color

Kacey Musgraves is having a huge year with the release of her highly anticipated album star-crossed, and she is enjoying that time with a new fashion statement. Alongside an interview with V Magazine, the "breadwinner" singer debuted a new pastel pink hairstyle. Musgraves shared photos of the new style on Instagram, captioning the photos "don't let me blow away."

In the interview, Musgraves opened up about the emotional journey that she had been on since her divorce from Ruston Kelly and how those feelings played Into how the album evolved. "At the beginning of this year, when I was kind of in the throes of a lot of personal change, I was told that being witnessed by others being vulnerable is one of the strongest things that you can ever do," Musgraves explained. "Showing emotion, isn't always the easiest, but I think it's just really vital to be witnessed being vulnerable, you know? And I think it's even important for kids to see their parents cry and have moments with things like that. But it's definitely not easy for sure."

"It's definitely scary," Musgraves continued. "You know, it's a freaky thing to put your emotions on display and have them offer it up for dissection. But what's the point of creating art if you can't do that. I'm just in this chapter where I'm trying to lean into vulnerability, and maybe try to get away from perfection. You know what I mean? Nobody likes perfect. It's boring as hell."


Ultimately, Musgraves is a firm believer that loss gives way to new and wonderful things. "Well, I think also that when you lose something in your life—it might be a friendship or relationship, or even a business relationship or something like that— we're all conditioned to think, Oh my gosh, this one thing is ending," Musgraves admitted. "This is the worst; it shouldn't be this way. But it's really cool that life can have this beautiful surprise around the corner from you."