Jordan Davis Reveals Lessons Learned While Touring with Jake Owen, Chris Janson

Jordan Davis earned a coveted slot opening for Jake Owen, on Owen's Life's Whatcha Make It Tour this year, which also includes Chris Janson. The tour, which kicked off in May, is Davis's chance to learn from seasoned performers.

"To be able to watch those guys every night – everybody knows what great entertainers they are," Davis tells "But to be able to see it in person, every night, see what they do, the way they treat their crew – it's just been a really cool thing to see and kind of learn from as a new act. It's been a really, really fun summer."

Davis earned a No. 1 hit with his debut single, "Singles You Up," from his freshman Home State album, and is already climbing up the charts again with the follow-up, "Take It From Me." Since hitting the road, the Louisiana native has watched the crowd know more and more of his music – a welcome stamp of approval for all of his hard work.

"Even just knowing the songs, I think that's the coolest thing for us," Davis notes. "We put so much time and effort into this record, and to hear people sing back not only the single, but the new single, and songs that are just album songs, that's been one of the most rewarding and really coolest things I've noticed, as the summer's gone on."

"Take It From Me" was written with Davis's brother, fellow singer-songwriter Jacob Davis, and Jason Gantt.

"It's pretty special to have something out with Jacob," says Davis. "We wanted to write this song about kind of advice. Take it from me, you don't do this or that. Kind of slipped it on its head and wrote it a little more literal. I remember the first thing that I said was how girls always take guys t-shirts, and that's one of the lines in the song. It started from there and kind of blossomed out."

Davis found early success with "Singles you Up," but he admits he almost made "Take It From Me" his introduction to radio instead.

'Take It From Me' and 'Singles You Up' were, I feel like, neck and neck for the first single," Davis shares with at a recent media event. "If we had gone the other way, 'Singles You Up' would have been right behind it. I've said this from Day One, I've fought pretty hard on 'Take it From Me', that's why we have people that we trust in our corner and I've got people that I trust like crazy and they were 100% right. I think that 'Take It From Me' is a little more 'me' lyrically as far as the delivery of it. I think you can kind of see a few more of my influences on some of those lyrics."


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Photo Credit: Getty images/Erika Goldring