John Rich Vows to Keep Paying Employees as Redneck Riviera Remains Closed Due to Coronavirus

Although bars continue to remain closed in Nashville, due to coronavirus, including John Rich's Redneck Riviera, the singer vows to continue to pay his employees. The Big & Rich frontman recently revealed he would make sure all of his staff were well taken care of, urging others in his position to do the same.

"With no money coming in, obviously all the money moving around is going in one direction, and that's out," Rich told The Tennessean. "And you don't know how long that's going to be for. It could be for a few months, potentially. But I would urge, and I would even go so far as to challenge other business owners on Broadway in my entertainment bar/nightclub sector, to reach into your pocket and take care of your people."

For Rich, he didn't see any other option, even though it comes at a big cost to him.

"Are you going to tell 75 to 80 people, 'Sorry guys, good luck out there?'" Rich said. "No. I actually know my bartenders and my servers and my sound guys and managers. I know those people, and it's just not going to happen."

The 46-year-old will find a way to make sure even those who rely primarily on tips will receive fair compensation.

"We'll find that average over the last two or three months and that's what they're going to get paid.," Rich explained.

Rich was one of the first to announce he was closing his bar after Mayor John Cooper asked that all of the establishments on Lower Broadway shut their doors.

"Today, the mayor of Nashville has mandated that all bars on Lower Broadway suspend operations tonight at 9:00 p.m. until further notice as we all wrap our heads around this global pandemic," Rich said in a lengthy statement. "We here at John Rich’s Redneck Riviera Bar & BBQ have the safety and health of our employees, customers, family and friends at the forefront of our concerns. With that, we will pause the party for the 'work hard, play hard' crowd for now.


"We always have had a strict and compliant rule regarding the cleanliness of our property –– top to bottom," he continued. "In recent weeks, we have installed extra hand sanitizing stations around the venue, as well as held specific educational meetings with our staff and entertainers. We are all concerned and disappointed in the effects the world is experiencing right now, but this too, shall pass and we will be slinging drinks and bringing you our raucous brand of entertainment in short order."

Photo Credit: Getty / Jason Kempin