Jason Aldean Regrets Passing on This Luke Bryan Hit

Jason Aldean has a whole lot of hit songs of his own, but the country star regrets not recording one track that went on to become a major success for his friend Luke Bryan. During an appearance on Audacy's Rockin' Country Saturday Night, show host Coop asked Aldean whether there was a song he pass on recording that he now regrets.

"The one that always kind of stands out to me was a song called 'Drunk on You' that Luke Bryan ended up cutting and was a big hit for him," Aldean shared, explaining that he passed on the song because he was almost done recording his album at the time and was "looking for one specific kind of song" in a category that "Drunk on You" didn't fall into. "I heard it, I remember liking the song, but we didn't need it for my album at the time," he said. "So I ended up passing on it and Luke ended up playing me, he came over and played me songs off his record and that was one of them and I was like 'Ughhh!'" he recalled. "It went on to be a big old hit for him."

The Georgia native added that he believes "songs land where they're supposed to land." "Luke had a hit on it, I might not have had a hit on it, who knows?" he added. On the flip side, Aldean revealed that Jake Owen actually passed on one of Aldean's early hits, "Big Green Tractor."

"The time that I talked to Jake, he was honest," Aldean told Coop. "He goes, 'I knew it was a hit, but I'm a Florida kid. It was a hit, it just wasn't believable for me to sing about it and it would have just never worked. You got it for a reason.'


Aldean will bring his hits to fans on the road this summer when he kicks off his Back in the Saddle Tour in August. This past weekend, he played his first live shows in a year with two back-to-back nights at the Great Stage Park in Manchester, Tennessee, the farm that is home to the Bonnaroo Music Festival. "It's been a long year for everybody, not just for us," he told Coop. "I think everybody's just kind of ready to get back to some normalcy and the way things were. I think for us, we kind of see the light at the end of the tunnel a little big now that we see some shows starting to happen and this vaccine rolls out and people are feeling more comfortable."