Jason Aldean and Kane Brown Had a 'Tattoo Party' at the Aldean House

Jason Aldean and Kane Brown both have numerous tattoos, and the two country stars added one more to their respective collections this week during a "tattoo party" at Aldean's home in Nashville. Both singers received fresh ink from Ink Master winner Bubba Irwin. He gave Aldean a ring of palm trees and ocean around one forearm and Brown a gorilla wearing a Native American headdress on his lower bicep.

Aldean got in on the action and added the smallest touch to Brown's tattoo, adding "a solid black spot" to his friend's ink under Irwin's direction. "No," Brown declared in an Instagram Story as the "We Back" singer picked up the needle. "You don't have to bear down, hold on now!" he said. Brown later told Aldean that he would be returning the favor, to which the father of four replied, "Hell no." As Aldean worked, Brown joked, "He's opening Aldean's tattoos in 2021."

Aldean's wife, Brittany Aldean, shared a clip of her husband getting his new artwork which she captioned, "Tattoo party," while Aldean used his Instagram Story to share a clip of Brown getting his tattoo, the "Cool Again" singer giving the camera a middle finger as Irwin worked.

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Both artists later showed off their finished products on their Instagram pages, Brown joking about his friend's addiction to his ink. "@jasonaldean did his first ever tattoo on me and it's pretty bad ass," he wrote, confirming, "lol nah he did one line my boy @bubbaitattoos did an amazing job!! Hit him up if u need a tattoo." He also replied to a fan who asked what the design meant, writing, "no real meaning I'm part Cherokee and my fav animal is a silver back gorilla. I'm to a point now with tattoos that I just don't care lmfao."

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Aldean wrote, "Thanks to my dude @bubbaitattoos for making a house call today!" and added on his Instagram Story that his design is "A lil shoutout to my Florida roots." Irwin shared on his Instagram page that he also tattooed Brittany, though she has not yet shared her new art on her page, and indicated that Brown's wife, Katelyn, is "up next."