Granger Smith Reflects on 'Adventures' With Son Lincoln Two Months After River's Death

Granger Smith's 3-year-old son River tragically passed away in June after a drowning accident, and the singer's family has since been on a journey of grieving and recovery.

Over the weekend, Smith shared one of his first Instagram posts since his son's death, posting a photo of himself at a race track with his older son, Lincoln, with the 5-year-old sitting on his dad's shoulders as they gazed down at the cars driving the track.

"We’ve had some life adventures this summer, me and Linc," he wrote. "I like to think he’s learned a lot from me, but I’ve sure learned a lot from him too."

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Smith's wife, Amber, commented, "Love my men."

Amber recently shared that Lincoln and their 7-year-old daughter, London, had started therapy after River's death, and that she and Granger will soon start as well.

“I make myself get out of bed for my kids and I make myself be a good mom for them because London and Lincoln deserve that," she said in a video on the family's YouTube channel, The Smiths, titled "Honest Life Update."

“The thing is, it doesn’t feel right, at least right now, to keep doing The Smiths without River," she added of the channel, which was started in March. "He was such a big part of it, and I figure the only way I can go forward with doing The Smiths is just to be honest and share like what we are going through and our grief and how much we miss him."


“Grief is weird. One minute you’re completely fine. Well, not fine — you’re in a state of calm and the next you’re just a mess and it comes and goes and it hits you out of nowhere and it’s an ocean of waves," Amber continued. "I guess, if we do go forward with The Smiths, it's just gonna be real like we always have been and we'll be sharing what we're going through with our family and how we're doing and how they're doing, and hopefully still be able to make y'all laugh."

Photo Credit: Getty / Jeff Kravitz