Grammys 2023: Maren Morris Praises Laverne Cox in Touching Red Carpet Moment

Maren Morris took time from her Grammys red carpet interview to praise Laverne Cox, who attended as one of E! News' correspondents. Morris praised Cox for a recent television appearance the Orange is the New Black star made in which she advocated for support of transgender healthcare. On Jan. 19, Cox went on Morning Joe, where she criticized proposed legislation in Oklahoma that would ban adults up to age 25 from receiving gender-affirming care.

"Your interview this week was so beautiful and so heartfelt," Morris told Cox during E! Live from the Red Carpet. "I just love you so much." Morris, 32, went on to reflect on what she would tell her younger self about finding success in the country music world.
"It's not going to happen overnight, so get in line," Morris told Cox. "I always tell new songwriters that ask me 'how did you break in?' Be patient. It doesn't mean don't hustle, don't grind. Make as many connections as you can. Nashville is full of talent that you've got to be humble and wait your turn. It will come if you work hard and show up to everything."

This year, Morris was nominated for Best Country Album for Humble Quest, and Best Country Song and Best Country Solo Performance for "Circles Around This Town." She won her first Grammy in 2017 for Best Country Solo Performance for "My Church." Morris was also nominated for Best New Artist in 2017.

Cox, who made history as the first transgender person to earn an Emmy nomination for acting, appeared on Morning Joe on Jan. 19 to respond to new proposed Oklahoma legislation that would put limits on adults receiving gender-affirming care. "For a year, we've been hearing from anti-trans pundits and politicians, 'This is about children. This is about protecting children,'" Cox said. "But I think what this Oklahoma law reveals is that it's never been about the children."

Cox said legislation like the Oklahoma proposal has "always been about scapegoating trans people, stigmatizing us and criminalizing our existence – making us not exist." She also noted how anti-trans language was making it into state legislation.

"Anti-trans folks have been setting the agenda and how we talk about this – and we need to take back the narrative and we need to do it right away," Cox told Morning Joe. "If you're a parent of a trans child, it's your business. If you're not, it's none of your business. What adults do with their bodies is none of their business. This is America – it should be about freedom, bodily autonomy." The Alabama native also believes the lawmakers who support the proposed Oklahoma law "don't want trans people to exist."

Morris has become one of the most vocal advocates for the LGBTQ community in country music. During a recent RuPaul's Drag Race: Untucked episode, Morris acknowledged homophobia within the country music and apologized. "And I love you guys for making me feel like a brave voice in country music. So, I just thank you guys so much for inspiring me," Morris told the show's contestants.