Gary LeVox Gushes Over Daughter Brittany's 'Gift' for Music After Gospel Duet (Exclusive)

Gary LeVox's daughter, Brittany LeVox, recently made an appearance on the Rascal Flatts member's [...]

Gary LeVox's daughter, Brittany LeVox, recently made an appearance on the Rascal Flatts member's solo gospel EP, One on One, joining her dad on their song "While I Wait." Speaking to, LeVox opened up about working with his daughter, revealing that their collaboration just happened naturally.

"I thought it was a smash," Levox recalled of the first time he heard "While I Wait," co-written by Christian artist Tauren Wells. "And my daughter was walking around the house, singing it all the time. And I was like, 'Brit, just come to the studio and sing it with me.' And she's a singer. It just kind of played out that way. I didn't really think about it."

"While I Wait" is about praising God while going through a difficult time, and the hopeful song gives both LeVox and Brittany an opportunity to show off their vocal talent. Brittany, who has previously performed on stage with Rascal Flatts, is a singer/songwriter who has released two singles, "Crime" and "Airplane Mode." Her website describes her music as a blend of "pop, R&B, gospel and soul."

"That's what she wants to do," LeVox said. "She's ate up with it. She loves every piece of it, the writing, the producing. You name it, she loves it." The proud dad added that his daughter has been singing since she was 2 years old and that he never tried to steer her toward or away from a musical career.

"I didn't really tell anything," he explained. "Whatever her calling is in life, I'll just let it happen. And she just did it all on her own. She's got a gift. I didn't push it, and I didn't tell her not to. She's in love with music."

Along with Brittany, other collaborators on One on One include Christian band MercyMe, gospel singer Jonathan McReynolds and country newcomer BRELAND. "I think that it's going to blow some people away, I think, when they hear all the amazing vocals that are going on with this thing, with Johnathan McReynolds and MercyMe and my daughter and BRELAND," LeVox gushed. "So I think they're just going to be blown away by the singing going on. There's some singers on this thing."

He added that lining up his collaborators "all just kind of worked out." "It was the easiest project that I've ever done," he shared. "I think when God has his hand in it, it makes it that easy, really."