Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner Are Expecting Their Daughter 'Any Day Now'

Gabby Barrett and husband Cade Foehner are preparing to welcome their first child together, a [...]

Gabby Barrett and husband Cade Foehner are preparing to welcome their first child together, a daughter, and are expecting their baby girl to arrive at any moment. On Wednesday, Barrett shared a look at how she and Foehner are getting ready for their daughter's birth, posting a photo of a tiny pink outfit complete with slippers, which she captioned, "Any day now.." "You are going to be one amazing Mama," Foehner commented.

Speaking to and other outlets last year, Barrett shared that she has "wanted to be a mom for a very long time." "It's something that I prayed about in high school and for the past year it's just been something that has laid on my heart," she said. "I just always would pray for a future spouse and I prayed for my future children hopefully that I'll be able to have, and to now be at that point is so exciting for me. It is so exciting because I can't you how many times I've tried to think of, "What are they going to look like? Who are they going to be like?"

The "I Hope" singer added that she is "just really excited to see what it brings, like everybody says it changes your life in a whole different... you think you could love somebody so much, but somehow it keeps expanding your love capacity for something."

"I'm just excited to have a little creation of somebody that I love very much, my husband as well as myself and just shows the beautifulness of the Lord and what he gives to us children," she continued. "And so I'm just excited for that." In June, Barrett released her debut album, Goldmine, and shared that she's already been thinking about how her daughter might affect her music in the future.

"A lot of people have been asking. 'Are you going to write a song about the baby? Have you already written a song about her?'" the 20-year-old reflected. "And I'm going to wait until she gets here to see if a song comes about, but my husband and I are very family centered people. We've actually been taking a huge break from music during this quarantine to visit with family. So to be able to expand our own, absolutely, I think you can expect a lot of my music to be more family oriented and things that I would want my child to listen to and to be able to sing too if she wanted to."