Florida Georgia Line Always 'Strategize Pretty Hard' at the End of the Year

When Florida Georgia Line gets to the end of the year, before they bring out the champagne or watch the ball drop, both Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley have one thing they do first: plan their next year. The duo, whose debut album came out in 2012, first get together and reflect on all they have accomplished over the past 365 days, as well as set goals for what they hope to accomplish in the next year.

"We talk about what the goal is, how many shows we want to do," Hubbard shared with their record label. "Obviously, we just want to continue to write songs every year and try to continue to better ourselves in each area of our life. That's kind of broad obviously, but I'd say we strategize pretty hard – everything from single choices to album rollout plan to tour and production and who we're going to bring out.

"You're always kind of planning a year in advance for everything," he added. "So we stay a year ahead of it and continue to try to plan and strategize and step our game up along the way."

Before the FGL guys get to 2020, they first have to get through Christmas, which for Hubbard means plenty of presents, at least for his oldest daughter, Olivia.

"Olivia was born two days before Christmas on the twenty-third and we actually came home on Christmas Day, had a very untraditional Christmas. It was super quiet at the house. Just a really, really special day for us to get to come home with a child. And it was very surreal. So, this Christmas we're excited. You know, she's grown so much over the last year and gained so much personality and she's so much fun. So we're going to have probably the best Christmas ever, I would say.

"And at this age I think we're just gonna not try to not spoil her; just go ahead and spoil her, probably more for the sake of Hayley and I and the joy that we get in that," he continued. "But yeah, that'll be a challenge over the next few years. We're going to try to find a healthy balance and make sure she's appreciative of everything that she has."

Florida Georgia Line is also working on a new album, while they enjoy a few months at home before the start of Kenny Chesney's Chillaxification Tour.


Photo Credit: Getty / Chris Polk