Florida Georgia Line Opens up About Starting Round Here Records at the Height of Their Career

Florida Georgia Line certainly doesn't need another thing to add to their already busy schedule, [...]

Florida Georgia Line certainly doesn't need another thing to add to their already busy schedule, but that didn't stop them from launching their own Round Here Records last year. The label was more than just a business venture, but a way for both Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley to invest in artists they believed in and wanted to support.

"BK and I were extremely excited to start a record label, Round Here Records, and it kind of happened organically," Hubbard shared with their own record label, Big Machine Label Group. "We're really good friends with the guys and the gal, Rae Lynn, that we've signed, and we're such believers in them as artists and creators, that we just were excited about creating music with them. And so that was kind of the foundation of starting a record label, just being excited to create music with artists that we believe in, and create opportunities for them, create more ownership for them.

"Do things that maybe other labels couldn't do: bring them on tour, write songs with them, help them pick their songs, and just help create an opportunity for them to take their career to the next level," he continued. "So, it's been very fulfilling for both of us and very exciting and it's kind of next chapter in, I guess, the FGL brand, if you will. And we're just excited to see where that takes us and takes the artists that we believe in."

Hubbard and Kelley likely did plenty of brainstorming in the last couple weeks, while they enjoyed an African vacation, with their wives and Hubbard's children, Olivia and Luca. But in addition to making plans for their future, Hubbard also announced that he and his wife were expecting their third child, which will be a boy!

"We were pretty surprised to find out we're expecting, but having three children is something Tyler and I have always dreamed of," Hayley told PEOPLE of their unplanned –– but very welcome –– pregnancy. "God's timing is perfect!"

Florida Georgia Line knew from the beginning that their love of music would be the heartbeat of their record label.

"The label started with a passion to create music and to make records," Hubbard told Billboard. "It happened organically [as] we continued to find the artists and friends that we love, believe in and thought had a gift and talent that we wanted to try to nurture. It turned into something that we are really excited about. [We're] trying to do some trailblazing in this record label space."

Photo Credit: Getty / John Shearer