Florida Georgia Line Launches Round Here Records and Signs Canaan Smith

Florida Georgia Line just launched a new record label! Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley joined forces to launch Round Here Records, signing their good friend, and current touring partner, Canaan Smith, as their flagship artist.

"The label started with a passion to create music and to make records," Hubbard told Billboard. "It happened organically [as] we continued to find the artists and friends that we love, believe in and thought had a gift and talent that we wanted to try to nurture. It turned into something that we are really excited about. [We're] trying to do some trailblazing in this record label space."

Smith already signed to FGL's Tree Vibez Music publishing company, and opened for them for their Las Vegas residency last year. Both Hubbard and Kelley said they were drawn to Smith because of both his singing and songwriting abilities, and hint that there are other singer-songwriters they are keeping their eyes on as well.

"If we find a songwriter/artist that has a publishing deal somewhere else, they don't have to be on Tree Vibez to sign with Round Here Records," explained Kelley, although he declined to share who they might be interested in. "Tyler and I are looking for great people, great talent and great songs, and that's what Round Here and Tree Vibez is always focused on."

Smith released "Beer Drinkin' Weather" as his debut single, which he wrote with Florida Georgia Line and Corey Crowder.

"We wanted to put out something fun, that would show his personality and had the potential of connecting with the fans," Hubbard said. While they don't plan to currently release a full album or heavily promote a song to radio, they feel confident in the success of "Beer Drinkin' Weather."

"We all talk about the single choice: 'Does a song have to come out based on what time of year it is? Can you put a party song out going into Labor Day?' Kelley reflected. "The cool thing about it is, it's always beer drinking weather."

For his part, Smith feels grateful that his good friends were willing to put so much faith in him.

"BK and T-Hubb are like brothers to me, so doing this with them is a dream," Smith said in a statement. "I believe in this team and know we're going to do great things together. I'm honored to be the first artist on this label that's sure to explode."

Florida Georgia Line has collaborated with several pop artists, including the Backstreet Boys and Bebe Rexha, and hint that signing artists outside of the country music genre might be possible down the road.

"I think for now, we all know that our strong point is the country market and our relationships are in the country genre, but we're starting to grow our relationships in other genres as well," Hubbard said. "Our main focus is good songs. If somebody were to come in and have a bunch of great songs or a specific style of music that lent itself to the pop world, then we'd definitely be open to pursuing that with the right partners."

Regardless of which artists sign to Round Here Records in the future, both Hubbard and Kelley are eager to share what they've already learned with the aspiring singers

"The thing that Tyler and I love seeing is a little bit of me and him in each of these artists," Kelley added. "There's something about each artist, each songwriter, that reminds us of us and that's what we're drawn to. Each time we fall in love with music and this journey over and over again."


Photo Credit: Getty / Chris Polk