Florida Georgia Line Promises 'Countriest Album to Date' With 'Can't Say I Ain't Country'

Florida Georgia Line is less than a week away from the Feb. 15 release of their fourth studio album, Can't Say I Ain't Country. The duo, made up of Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, have had success on both country and pop charts with previous hits like "Cruise," "H.O.L.Y." and their recent record-breaking "Meant to Be" Bebe Rexha collaboration.

While the guys are grateful for their previous success, they promise Can't Say I Ain't Country will show their fans just how country they really are.

"Everything that we've put out's kind of been different, a different direction for us in a very exciting type of way," Hubbard acknowledged. "We always want to give the fans something different, a different side of who we are. And this next album, I think the album title really ties it together, to be honest. I think there's still a lot of different sounds, a lot of different sides of who we are, a little bit of something for everybody.

"But for the most part, this is probably our countriest album to date, kind of taking it back to our roots again, if you will, and the music that we loved growing up on, love writing and love performing," he continued. "And this is probably our most exciting album. We've poured our heart and soul into this and I do think it's a further evolution of who BK and I are and the FGL sound and just the different types and styles of music that we love to create."

Not only does Florida Georgia Line promise a country record, but they also promise the project will cover a wide variety of topics, making it appealing to everyone.

"I think, more than just one vision, I think we just want our music to move people, whatever that means to each individual," Kelley explained. "I think there's a song for every kind of situation, every kind of person on this album. So, whatever kind of mood you're going through, whatever day you're having – you need to party, you need to cry, you need to think about something…our albums have that.

"And we're just two guys that are lucky enough to write our songs," he added, "and get some amazing songs and just had a crazy dream and got an amazing team behind us with amazing fans."


Our Kind of Country is available for pre-order on Florida Georgia Line's website. FGL will hit the road on their Can't Say I Ain't Country Tour on June 13. The tour is currently scheduled to run through Sept. 28, which is nearly one month after Hubbard will welcome his second child with his wife, Hayley.

Photo Credit: Getty images / John Shearer