Dolly Parton Is Not Worried About Miley Cyrus: 'She's Got Good Stuff in Her'

While Miley Cyrus' actions in the last year might be raising concern among some, Cyrus' godmother Dolly Parton isn't one of them. Cyrus, who suddenly divorced Liam Hemsworth after less than a year of marriage, followed by a fling with Kaitlynn Carter before dating her current boyfriend, Cody Simpson, has remained a fixture in the media because of her decisions. Parton insists Cyrus is fine, and she isn't worried at all about the singer and actress.

"Lord, I've done everything, and what I ain't done, I intend to," Parton told PEOPLE. "She's going to do that, too. But Miley's smart; Miley knows what she's doing. I know we think she doesn't, and she might not every minute, but I still know that she's got good stuff in her."

Parton might have offered a few words of wisdom to Cyrus over the years, but she would rather let Cyrus watch how Parton conducts her life than try to preach to her.

"I've told her some things that I think are valuable and that she uses, but I'd rather live an example," Parton acknowledged. "[I'd rather] be an example rather than just try to tell somebody to do this, do that because I don't think that's right. Everybody's different. You've got your own journey. And some people are going to help you along the way and they can kick a few rocks out of the road for you, but you got to walk it."

This isn't the first time Parton has spoken out about Cyrus. Earlier this year, Parton hinted she didn't think Cyrus was as wild as she claimed.

"I think they just want to be part of that whole movement to make people think that they're so free and all that. But I don't really know how they feel inside. I know how I feel inside," Parton told The Sun. "Miley, she does a lot of stuff for effect, and I think a lot of them do."

Regardless of how Cyrus conducts herself in her personal life, the 73-year-old believes Cyrus' best days are still ahead of her.


"Miley is so talented," gushed Parton. "Miley has such gifts, and I think she's gonna' be great. Now other people say, 'You need to talk to Miley.' I say, 'No, I don't. Miley will be Miley, I'll be me and everybody needs to do their own thing.'"

Photo Credit: Getty / Lester Cohen