Dierks Bentley Announces '90s Band Hot Country Knights to Release Debut Album

He isn't giving up his solo job, but Dierks Bentley is doing his part to bring '90s country back! The singer just announced he is releasing a new album with his cover band, Hot Country Knights, in the spring. Bentley made the announcement at a media event in character as Douglas D. Douglason, where the singer and the rest of his band were dressed in classic '90s attire, complete with mullets, a pager and white jeans.

The Hot Country Knights' new single, "Pick Her Up," featuring Travis Tritt, was just released.

"I was like, 'If we're not pitching this to the Hot Country Knights, then I'm going to take this and cut it myself on my record because this is just great, fun country music,'" Bentley told Billboard of the new song. "I'm not really sure where to go after doing Riser, then Black and The Mountain. These albums all have these great big themes and I have no idea where to go personally, in my own career, but that song I would have cut and put it on my own record. It was such a fun tune. The Knights loved it, so the Knights got it."

Bentley, as Douglason, also discussed the new project, proving that neither Bentley nor any of the other members of the band are willing to take themselves too seriously.

"Look, the '90s are hot right now," Bentley said as Douglason. "[Bentley is] pretty much riding our mullets to the finish line on this one. He wanted to get involved with us and produce us and [we] wrote some original songs. It's been a while since I've done that — writing. Just using a pen. I don't read or write much. He wrote most of them but stole most of my ideas."

Bentley has used the Hot Country Knights to perform at his own shows, including serving as the opening act on his Burning Man Tour, as well as appearing at his Seven Peaks Festival in Colorado.

"Who we bring with us on tour is so important to the band, crew and me," Bentley said when announcing his Burning Man Tour. "Our hardcore fans are aware of the '90s country cover band, the Hot Country Knights, who have been following us around and opening shows. They talked us into having them on the actual billing for this tour ... hope their van has snow tires for Canada!"


Find more information by visiting HotCountryKnights.com.

Photo Credit: Getty / Tim Mosenfelder