Country Singer Hailey Whitters Just Received a Special Surprise

Hailey Whitters was the last to know her song "Everything She Ain't" had officially been coined an RIAA-certified gold single. The country singer, 33, who released her groundbreaking album Raised less than a year ago, had quite the surprise coming when she was called into a meeting with her team – including her husband and Raised co-producer Jake Gear.

"They called me in for a breakfast and all of a sudden there was a gold plaque in my face," Whitters told PEOPLE of the special moment. "I don't know how long they kept it secret, but I guess I was the last to find out." The "Plain Jane" artist called it a "really cool" way to find out about her Gold single certification, saying that "to get to be there with them and all get to celebrate together was amazing."

It's been an eventful year for Whitters, who married Grear last October in Iowa. "We've been together for 10 years, so in a lot of ways it doesn't seem like anything's changed," the artist said of her relationship with the music publishing executive. "Just getting to have that day and celebrate how far we've come and that we're still hanging on, was really cool," she continued of their working/romantic relationship. "He's someone who's been in it with me the whole time and has seen the highs and lows. Obviously, I'm just super happy for him as with this project, we have done it together."

Whitters actually said she would give Grear way more credit if she could. "For him as the producer (on Raised), getting to see him celebrate this milestone is just so cool," she gushed. "I think the production just totally stands on its own two feet. And I think he did an incredible job. ...I love getting to celebrate with him, but also getting to celebrate him."

The couple plans to hang their gold plaque in the music room of their home in Nashville. "I'm super stoked about it and super proud of it and I'm going to keep this one forever, but sometimes it weirds me out, you know?" admitted Whitters. "I don't ever want to be comparing myself to other successes, so I got it in our music room, which is perfect because then when we go in there, we listen to records, and we get to look up on the wall and see that it's there and just be in all our feels for a second."