CMA Awards: Carrie Underwood Stuns in Elaborate Sheer Gown While on Red Carpet With Husband Mike Fisher

Carrie Underwood is hosting this year’s Country Music Awards alongside Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire, and her outfit for the red carpet did not disappoint. The 12-time CMA host stepped out in a sheer gold dress with a long light blue tail. She took time to pose for photos with her husband Mike Fisher along with her co-hosts. This is the first time Underwood hasn’t hosted with fellow country music star Brad Paisley.

carrie underwood
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With three female hosts, this year’s awards has a heavy focus on female artists. Underwood explained to ABC how that idea came to fruition.

"When we started talking about the CMAs this year, thinking about what theme we might have ... I definitely was kind of pushing for a tribute to females in country music," she said. "I feel like right now, this year in country music, a lot of us have decided to put our money where our mouth is, so to speak.I feel like we've been talking about needing more of a presence of women in country music.

"I'm not the only female headlining tour with all-female acts. I feel like we all decided, 'Well, we just gonna have to do it ourselves!"

She further explained how the three of them came to co-host on the Ty Bentli Show.


"Well it was kind of like a discussion," Underwood said. "What's the tone this year should take? I've always been really lucky that the CMAs have asked my opinion, and want my input. So we kind of sit down and say, 'What should it feel like? What should it be like? Is there an angle?' We started talking about doing the tribute to women. Well then, what does that mean? And talking about the dream team, the wish list, Dolly and Reba, and they said yes, so it's like, 'Here we go. Let's do this."

"Sheer excitement and joy and gratitude," she said while talking about sharing on the stage with two country legends. "I get to stand on a stage with two of the women that taught me everything. They really did, and two women who have always represented themselves, and this genre of music with class and humor and obvious talent. So I'm just amazed that they know my name and I get to share the stage with them, and we get to kind of be the face for women in country music, but also for country music."