Cole Swindell Releases 'All of It' Album

Cole Swindell's long-awaited All of It album is out! The record, which includes his current "Break Up in the End" single, came out on Friday, August 17, and according to Swindell, shows how much he has grown and evolved since his self-titled freshman album was released in 2014.

"We always try to pick the best songs, but I just feel like this time, even songs I wrote, there's some that I think they're just next level stuff," Swindell shares with and other media. "And then obviously getting to record some that I probably wouldn't have gotten on my first or second album is just – I think it's a good mix on this. Although the subject matter will be different, I think there's four or five more songs like 'Break Up in the End' that are that level.

"And of course I have fun stuff because I'm out there on my headlining tour," he continues. "You gotta have those fun songs that get people up after 'You Should be Here' or 'Break Up in the End.' But knowing that I can have those moments now in my show – it's not all about what's No. 1 anymore to me. Let's release what we wanna say, and I just felt like this is how I wanna set the tone, let people know that I'm for real on this album."

Swindell wrote all but one song on his debut record, but for his last two projects, the Georgia native has been more open to outside songs, writing five of the dozen songs on All of It – a decision he made in part because of songwriters who are willing to trust him with their songs.

"I did write some on this album," Swindell says. "It's just hard when you're out there on tour. And then back when I was a writer only, you write songs every single day, but I knew going into this album that hopefully after the success we've had, were gonna start getting our hands on some songs we normally wouldn't have shot at.

"It was tough to see some of my songs not make the list but I'm never gonna not know how great the songwriters are in this town," he concedes. "That's what they do. That's what they get paid to so being able to kind of rely on them on this album is awesome."

With songs like the heart-breaking "Break Up in the End" and "Dad's Old Number," the 35-year-old is willing to show more sides of him than he did with songs like "Chillin' It" and "Ain't Worth the Whiskey," which he released early in his career.

"I've lived a little longer now and been through things and been able to record songs that I wish I had written," says Swindell. "I've learned that it's OK to have song that isn't a party song or an up-tempo song. Now that I have people's attention, I can release songs like 'You Should be Here' and 'Break Up in the End' and show people that there's a different side. The people that know me best know that, that's me. I feel that just like I do a song like 'Chillin' It.' It's all of it."

Swindell will hit the road on his Reason to Drink ... Another Tour this fall, with Dustin Lynch and Lauren Alaina serving as his opening acts. But first, Swindell is playing several shows on his All of It Tour, where he will perform live all the songs on the new set of tunes.

"This is a special show," Swindell says. "It's based on the album; the All Of It Tour is for this album. And I've never done it. I've always wanted to do it, but I've always kind of chickened out. Playing the whole album top to bottom, I mean, that's a lot to know, a lot to learn, not just me, but the band, everybody."


Purchase All of It, and find all of Swindell's upcoming shows, by visiting his website.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Rick Diamond